Chinese Blockchain Ecosystem

In China 30.688 blockchain related companies are official registered. Most of them (77%) were founded during the last two years and are located in Guangdong. The average investment in one such a company starts at one million Yuan up to […]

Bitcoin’s mathematical definition (1)

We want to formulate the data behind Bitcoin more scientifically since it got also attention from the science area. We start with some simple and basic defintions: \((B, <)\): Bounded lattice-ordered set of all blocks \((h, B_{h}, ts_{h}) \in B: […]

Generalized Convolution Neural Networks

Based on the „normal“ ConvNets we try to explain the generalization of ConvNets. The background is, that an image can be seen as a graph and since our work focuses on finding structures in the Blockchain we need an approahce […]

Spiking Neural Networks

First of all, I can recommend everyone writting a blog, because its a greate way of self relfection of the learned stuff. What is a Spikin Neural Network? Spiking Neural Networks (SNN) are the 3rd generation of neural networks. What […]

Current Bitcoin statistics

Current statistics (Stats from middle january 2017) about Bitcoin (BTC). Since the beginning of the currency 2009 the BTC network generated nearly 190.000.000 transactions minded 16.200.000 Bitcoins which is about 12-13 billion dollar contains about 197.000.000 million bitcoin addresses the […]

Why Bitcoin has a high and a low

The reason for the high of Bitcoin is the chinese Yuan or Renminbi. Since China is the biggest Bitcoin market and the Yuan had a low during the past few months many chinese citizens invested their money in Bitcoin. This […]